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Upstart Kombucha

Upstart has been making waves in the industry since their first batch. Unlike the expectation of vinegar and a sour face, Upstart Kombucha has a smooth experience due to better production processes and attention to detail. Most of the time, consumers just have to try it once and they are hooked. This delicious beverage not only tastes good but also supports gut health. Consumers are also invited to enjoy kombucha in the taproom, where you can see the production of the kombucha going on while sipping a refreshing sample.

Upstart Kombucha
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Brand Positioning

Upstart is a brand that we care deeply about. Upstart is our oldest client and has seen not only remarkable growth, but has grown with Triarc. This lifestyle brand believes that there can be a kombuchaforall. This belief pushes the team everyday to create the best product on the market. To show this care and innovation, we created a strategy around the quality of the kombucha and creating content that is engaging for both kombucha drinkers and those that are curious about trying it for the first time. The result has been a growing audience month to month and a brand that is now recognized just about everywhere.

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