Adding CBD to any drink warrants a higher price point and consumers need to see something tangible that justifies the cost. The old branding and packaging did not present particularly well, and certainly didn’t stand out on a barista’s bar.


Our team chose to strike a balance between a premium feel and standout color palette, combining matte black with vibrant hues of inspired foliage.

Before + After:


The former packaging made it very clear that the product was a supplement, but didn’t make anyone want to try it. The color palette was unexciting and it was easy to lose track of it on a busy cafe bar.


Choosing vibrant colors to contrast with the matte black background was very intentional, and they make the product stand out clearly in the muted browns and wood tones that are commonplace at many cafe’s. The vibrance and contrast are also meant to foreshadow how consumers will feel after imbibing the product, and serve as a visual lure. If you are what you eat, and you want to feel good, you’re gonna choose something that looks good to you.


A rebrand would not be complete without a website to match. In this case, we provided art direction and structural guidance through a detailed wire frame. From there, we passed it along to their developer and kept a close eye on the project to ensure that every detail was included.


This book serves as a standards manual for the Uncanny Wellness brand to ensure appropriate future uses of the logo, graphic elements, colors, typography and more.

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