True Cubes offers a simple solution to the age-old issue of foggy ice, making it as easy as turning on the tap to make clear ice cubes for bartenders and home mixologists alike. In order to market their product effectively, we employed the strategy of reciprocity marketing. By essentially turning their entire social media presence into a resource for gorgeous and enticing cocktail recipes, users might initially follow the account for the cocktails, but can more easily be converted into buyers later on. Psychologically, this added benefit for users of receiving an endless stream of new cocktail recipes also creates a stronger sense of loyalty to the True Cubes brand over another similar ice-making tool.

Utilizing influencers in the cocktail space was also key to executing this strategy, so we forged partnerships with mixology experts and bartenders to promote giveaways, share their favorite tips and tricks, and show True Cubes to their audiences.

True Cubes saw a 20% increase on average in Amazon sales day-over-day after implementing our new product thumbnail and A+ Content designs onto their page.
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