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Sherpa Chai

Sherpa Chai is a chai that is rooted in tradition. Originating from the mountains of Nepal, Pemba Sherpa traveled to the United States with his mother's traditional chai recipe. Today, Sherpa Chai offers a range of flavors that accommodate the most sophisticated of tasters. Sherpa Chai is a staple for many throughout the state of Colorado.

Sherpa Chai
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Brand Positioning

As a brand that has such a storied history, we wanted to focus on the journey and the care that goes into creating Sherpa Chai. In addition, we added a lifestyle component to the brand. The residents of Colorado share a very similar desire for adventure as the Sherpas in Nepal. By bringing this to life throughout the media and social content, we have positioned Sherpa Chai as the brand that everybody wants to align with. With consistent social media growth and engagement, Sherpa Chai has become a brand that is accelerating to national recognition. In addition, our design team redesigned the website from the ground up to transition the brand from strictly wholesale to e-commerce.

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