In the hard seltzer space, most brands have opted for an over-saturation of flavor cue colors and in-your-face flavor graphics on their packaging. Seltzy needed to stand out - by holding back.

We created multiple wrap files for print (shrink wraps and printed cans), the variety pack design, and an entire arsenal of POS and go-to-market materials, including: POS floor stacker display, case carton trays, promotional posters for liquor/beer stores, branded open/closed signs for liquor/beer stores, cooler static clings, multiple shelf talkers, stickers, koozies, buffs/gaiters, tshirts, hoodies, 5 panel hats, trucker hats, beach towels, event tent tops, and LED/neon signs.

Seltzy combines striking minimalism, mod art illustrations, and a color palette that nods to the apres ski culture of the 80s.
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