After several variations of packaging and product formulations, Phenoh knew that it was time for a refresh across the board. Feedback from customers helped us start at the top by redoing the logo, and working down to the most granular details from there.


When rebranding any business we need to ask first what is working, figure out how to improve that, and then determine what isn’t working. At a base level consumers were confused about the nature of the product so improvements needed to be made in terms of attractiveness and functionality.

Before + After:


The logo was initially nutrition focused for the original product line, but it didn’t make as much sense for a drink mix. The physical packaging didn’t convey any sense of exigence or activation that users are looking for so we resolved to bake movement into the core of the brand. An updated logo and packaging a brand does not make. The website needs to be the resource that answers any obstacle to buying that may come up, especially for Phenoh’s science based product line.


The logo needed to tell users what the product was, rather than its intended goal and we showed that with a simple but effective swap- we took out the leaf, and swapped in a raindrop. Instantly people knew it was a hydration product. This shift affected every product as we moved forward because we knew we needed relatable iconography to grab users attention on the shelf without making them read the gritty details. With any Superbooster you can look at it and know what it’s for.





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Their website now contains a variety of resources for understanding each Superbooster, educational content for fitness and wellness, and a seamless E-commerce shopping experience. We created a host of new media to align creative content with the new brand color palette and tone set by each product line. The final product is a smooth, on-brand experience for new and current customers.

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