Making environmentally and ethically centered decisions is at the heart of Out Of The Woods' brand. Their voice is authentic and honest, and their aesthetic is natural and effortless. To do the brand justice in the media we generated for them, focusing on the bags themselves and the material they're made out of (also known as Supernatural Paper™), was key. Even when showcasing the bags across various lifestyle applications and use-cases, the product was still always the focal point of the shot. Our photography also needed to tow the line of aspirational and accessible in order to portray that a healthy, environmentally-conscious lifestyle is not out of reach, and can begin with a single purchase/habit change (i.e. subbing an Out Of The Woods bag for single-use plastic bags).

Out Of The Woods forges lightweight, strong, and elegant bags from sustainable materials that are far from average - and the visual representation of their products needed to reflect that.
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