Rebranding the NutraLean product line was difficult because we needed to create a new look for one product without losing touch with the core visual elements of the Nutracelle brand or alienating the products that weren’t getting an update.


We took the most effective visual elements from the old packaging and introduced a more approachable color palette for each SKU. It became pretty clear over the course of the project that it was better to have at least one product line look good than maintain design continuity, so we kept the logo and threw everything else out the window. 

Before + After:


We set out with three primary goals for the packaging: first, it needed to look more modern with a consistent color palette. Second, it needed to show as much as possible through iconography, minimizing the next for text in two languages (French and English). Third, it needed to look better on a small screen for E-commerce advertising.


We accomplished the first component by collaborating closely with the Nutracelle team, the second and third components were a mix of concepts created by Triarcs advertising and graphic design teams. The tangible changes are clear, from bigger text to less of it, the product is easier to understand in any context.


For deliverables that require extensive visual exploration, sketching is always the first step. It’s much easier to generate more ideas much faster with pen on paper than going digital first. For the NutraLean redesign, our primary designer filled over 12 pages in a notebook with sketches like the ones seen here.


Alongside Nutracelle’s other products, NutraLean stood out like a sore thumb because of its dated design. The new protein powder bags are much more approachable, delectable and can now be associated with the company’s other products at a moment’s glance.

Flavor Features


To bring the product to the U.S. market we first created a website shopping process that was fully compliant and functional separate from the Canadian site. The new website incorporated the brand assets we created for the packaging and overall matched the product and message much better. Once the U.S. site was finished, we updated the Canadian site to catch it up and keep the brand visuals aligned internationally.



Nutracelle’s primary audience consists of mothers and a younger generation of health conscious individuals. Keeping this in mind, we created a graphic style that is friendly, welcoming, and eye catching with the tasteful use of the company’s brand colors. All illustrations are originals and the copy carries a sense of youthful personality.

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