Not only were we marketing something that is brand new, but the metabolism supplement space has a reputation for fraud. We were working against stigma, building a brand in a new market, and creating the look and feel of the product.


We agreed with the Metavo team that Avocados needed to be first and foremost in all visual elements. Unknown supplements are hard to make attractive, but everyone loves avocados- or at least their health benefits. People needed to understand at a surface level they were absorbing the nutritional benefits of avocado while also being able to go deeper and understand its impact on metabolism.

Before + After:


Metavo needed packaging for the U.S. market that clearly earmarked them as a nutritional supplement, but stood out thanks to the clear primary ingredient- Avocado. We needed to design packaging for two different product types, a capsule bottle as well as a sachet that contains the powder in a soluble form. While they contained the same product, the use cases were different and the packaging needed to reflect that.


For both the capsule bottle and the sachet we leaned into approachable and green themed design elements that used shades of green to draw attention to key areas of the packaging. Balancing the look of a recognizable supplement with something that consumers actually want to consume was our primary goal here due to the importance of frequency for efficacy.

The Process


To bring the product to the U.S. market we first created a website shopping process that was fully compliant and functional separate from the Canadian site. The new website incorporated the brand assets we created for the packaging and overall matched the product and message much better. Once the U.S. site was finished, we updated the Canadian site to catch it up and keep the brand visuals aligned internationally.


Since Metavo is in the realm of supplements, their graphics need to portray feelings of trust and have informative qualities, which is seen in each of these branded graphics.

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