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HopTea is on its way to becoming one of the best new beverages of the year. By serving a growing audience of non-alcohol drinkers, HopTea is the perfect beverage to have in any situation. Brewing hops with tea create a taste that is unforgettable. Offering many different flavors, HopTea releases flavors to allow not only a variety but for everybody to find the flavor that they love the most.

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Brand Positioning

Our social media team strategized to position HopTea as a leader in its category. In order to do this, HopTea had to appeal to not only the craft beer community, but the tea community as well. Supported by our media team, HopTea is the perfect blend between tea and beer as a lifestyle brand. For those who don’t want to drink beer, their answer is HopTea. For those tea drinkers that desire a refreshing summer tea, HopTea is the beverage for them. As we continue to grow the social following monthly, the engagement continues to climb as well.

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