Prior to approaching Triarc, the Diesel brand was not even in its infancy. We provided expertise on how to approach the CBD market at its most competitive stage in 2019, and leverage Diesel's strengths to stand out among more established brands. From creating the brand design assets to the first photoshoots that would set the tone for the brand, our creative and consulting team were the genesis of the Diesel brand.


When Diesel first shared their vision with Triarc we were relieved- We’ve been approached by a lot of “happy go lucky” type CBD brands that have been entirely focused on being as “safe” with their marketing as possible. Diesel was not one of those brands, which allowed us to take more risks, opt for complexity when it made sense, and create an aesthetic and message wholly unlike any other CBD brand on the market.


We could have combined the color palette of a hospital and a hemp leaf and ended up with the same branding as most CBD that you see on the market. It might have looked ok, but we needed to build a brand that stood out on the shelf and made consumers understand at a core level what it stood for: Premium Quality.


At the outset we clearly defined the vision for the brand using mood boards, props that would always be present for visuals, and filters that cast the right light on everything we touched. The ornate mechanical aesthetic is guided by gold and rooted in the pitch black of darkness across all mediums. Every consumer touchpoint is gilded and glaringly diesel, so much so that you can almost smell the opulent fumes.


Packaging a premium product involves finding a balance between sophistication and functionality, while inherently justifying the price point. Diesel has quite a few SKU’s and making the distinctions clear with design language required us to develop gear inspired iconography for each product category. The end result is packaging that can be broken down into elements that when broken down would still be recognizable as essentially Diesel Hemp. Together, they comprise a brand made up of two direct words: unapologetic quality.


Diesel Hemp’s logo needed to be as functional as it is beautiful, an essential tenet of the brand. Leaning into a steam-punk/art-deco aesthetic creates opportunity for striking complexity. Using the letters “D” and “H” as groundwork, the logo elegantly transforms the letters into an ornately modern hieroglyph.


​​The Diesel Girl came to life early in the design process and we couldn’t seem to leave her behind. This mysterious and unique graphic element is used in subtle aspects of design and in places where she can be discovered like the insides of product boxes.


Diesel Hemp plans on having a diverse product line. Since the concept runs on machinery and gears, each product is identified by one of these custom gears to both create cohesion across product lines and create awareness about other products that exist.


Part of bringing Diesel Hemp to market was building the infrastructure to get them there. Their website needed to support e-commerce payments for CBD products, and not risk down time with any vendors concerned about the sale of flower- even without THC.

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