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Why You Need An Email List

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Marissa Conway

Here’s the hard truth: if you don’t have an email list, you’re missing out. The fact is that newsletters are incredibly effective tools to build brand loyalty, increase exposure to your products, and maintain a more personal connection with your audience. If you’re not already convinced that email marketing is the way forward, read on for three reasons why you should jump on the email train.

Social media is rented real estate.

When you build an email list, you have ultimate ownership and creative control over it. Though Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are brilliant platforms to spread your message, ultimately, you’re still at the whim of executives, algorithms, and other matters entirely beyond your control which determine whether your posts are seen or not. Business accounts on Facebook, for example, have a notoriously hard time reaching their followers without investing in ads - and that’s exactly the way Facebook likes it. Email marketing goes through no such ecternal filtering system and simply shows up in your customer’s inbox minus the extra hoops to jump through, ready and waiting for them. And ultimately, if Mark Zuckerberg pulled the plug on Facebook and Instagram tomorrow, an email list means you never have to worry about losing touch with your most dedicated followers.

Email engagement rates are worth it alone.

Social media hardly comes close to email engagement rates, and it’s for a very simple reason: if someone gives you their email, they are ready to actively engage with you and your products. By joining your list, they are showing a clear interest in all the good stuff that you’ve got. There’s no more shouting into the void because your low hanging fruit is right in front of you. All the hard work of convincing people why they should pay attention to you is done.

Community doesn’t build itself.

Yes, email marketing makes it easier to sell products, but at the heart of it lies relationship building. By arriving in someone’s inbox, you’re showing up next to their colleagues, friends, and family; you are now part of the inner circle. With a focus on how to serve your audience rather than how to bombard them with further sales pitches, you can establish a much deeper loyalty within your audience that goes beyond a brief transactional interaction. They’re clearly already interested in purchasing from you if they’re receiving your emails, so the time for hard selling is over. And in this vein - coupled with the right email strategy - you’re guaranteed a faithful audience for years to come.

Email marketing is an effective tool but also takes a good deal of planning to nail down properly. If you’re feeling like you need to spruce up your newsletters - or are starting from scratch and need a little guidance - get in touch with Triarc for some support!

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