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Why are Videos Great for Marketing?

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Marissa Conway

Videos often sit at the top of the content hierarchy when it comes to marketing - and for good reason. Did you know that just mentioning the word “video” in an email subject line increases the click-through rate by 13%? And social posts with video are shared 1200% more than any other kind of content. If you need a little convincing as to why you should be adding video content for your organization, read on.

Video gets some of the highest engagement.

It’s no secret that visual content is the key to high engagement. And while we’re huge fans of high quality photography, nothing delivers quite like a video. Whether you’re telling the story of who you are or highlighting a specific product, audiences engage on average 10 times more with videos than any other kind of content.

You can get a better sense of what your audience engages with.

Video content allows for detailed metrics to take note of things like drop-off, number of times watched, and click-through rates. You can use videos to get a much more comprehensive understanding of what sticks with your target audience and what doesn’t.

Video is fantastic for SEO.

Videos are an easily accessible way to receive information in a more immersive experience than any other kind of content. This means people spend longer with video content, ultimately holding people on your page or social channel for longer. Search engines then register your page as something of interest and bump it higher on the results page.

Ultimately, videos have a higher rate of conversion.

Most importantly, video leads to conversion. According to a report from 2018, 71% of marketers say that video content converts better than any other form of content, and that’s not a stat to ignore.

So what are you waiting for? If videography has you stumped, don’t worry. Triarc has your back. With a team of content experts and an entire digital marketing team- we’re here to help your content shine. Get in touch!

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