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Three Reasons Why You Should Be On Instagram

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Marissa Conway

Instagram is a must have for any business or brand. It’s a mini-economy in and of itself, and has revolutionized how we think about business strategy, branding, and marketing.

Let’s start with numbers:

1 billion: Active Instagram users

60%: The percentage of users who log in daily

: Fraction of users who have purchased a product from Instagram on their phone

Let me begin by emphasizing: Instagram is not magic. Simply posting will not guarantee sales. The secret to success is in the name. It’s called social media for a reason. Instagram, and any social media platform for that matter, is not about selling to your audience, but rather about connecting with them. So let’s get to the point: why does your brand need to be on Instagram?

  1. You can reach your target audience in a whole new way.

Hashtags are a seriously underrated lead generation method. With a simple click, you can be directed to everyone who has used a hashtag relevant to your business. This is where engagement comes in - by interacting (and I mean interacting, not selling) directly with your target audience you’re building both brand visibility and brand loyalty. People will know that you are invested in them specifically rather than simply trying to sell to anyone. In a world where we are bombarded with marketing campaigns and ads on the daily, considerate and authentic engagement

  1. Shoppable posts take online shopping to a whole new level.

If you have a product, Instagram’s recently launched shoppable posts are a goldmine. Companies can now tag the products in their photos and make them shoppable for their users. Sharing links is still tricky terrain to navigate on Instagram, but with shoppable posts users can click immediately through when they see something they like and instantly purchase it. No more copy and pasting links, no more sending people to your bio in hopes they will click through to your website. It’s as simple as: see, like, buy.

  1. Everyone’s on Instagram

Well, not everyone - but a large percentage of the world’s population shows up on Instagram. Despite our collective scrolling habit, the truth is that we all have limited time in our day. And depending on who your target audience is (small business owners, new parents, or young professionals, for example), they may give even less time to the digital world in favor of their work or their family. Placing your content on platforms that your audience is already frequently engaging with is far, far easier than enticing them to your website, especially with populations that might not already be aware of your company. Quite simply, Instagram gives you free and consistent exposure to your dream audience.

Confused by Instagram? Triarc is here for you. We are automating business development through streamlined digital marketing, and are as close to an in-house team as you can get for less than the cost of an entry-level employee. Do it for the ‘gram and learn more about our services here.

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