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Why You Need to Outsource Social Media

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Three Reasons Why You Need to Outsource Social Media

“Without the right knowledge, people, resources, or even time, it is very easy to turn what could have been an amazing marketing opportunity into an inefficient use of your business’ money.” -Richard Costello

Social media dominates our world and is one of the most effective marketing tools that exist today. But social media management takes time; reaching a target audience and generating revenue isn’t as easy as simply posting regularly. If you find that managing your social media presence is overwhelming and time costly, it might be time to look for external experts. Here are three reasons why outsourcing your social media management might just be the best thing you ever do for your business.


Take a moment and reflect on the time you spend on your social media presence: given the hours put into it, is the return on investment worth it? Are your followers translating into revenue? Effective use of social media requires strategy development, content creation, campaign management, and audience engagement, to name a few. Add this to the many other demands of running a business, and the to-do list is forever longer than hours in the day. Outsourcing social media management means that more of your time is freed up to focus on the areas where you excel. It means there is one less aspect of your business to worry about, and you can rest assured that your presence in the public eye is being handled with the utmost expertise and attention to detail.


Social media management takes insider knowledge. Have you been scratching your head over the new Instagram algorithm? Or asking yourself how in the world you can get people to see your posts on Facebook without buying ads? Instead of trying to tackle the complexities of social media yourself, outsourcing its management means pulling in an entire team with a huge range of expertise, all of which aims to increase brand preference and convert followers into revenue. There’s no need to put the pressure on understanding the ins and outs on yourself but instead can rely on a team who can make it happen for you.


Social media management can be costly. According to the job site Indeed, the average Social Media Manager Salary in the US is $46,256. Needless to say, its a salary that isn’t realistic for many companies, especially small businesses. For the price of less than an entry-level employee, you can outsource social media management to a team of experts who make the investment worth it and are dedicated to the long-term success of your business.

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