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Our Top Tips for Creating Engaging Facebook Content

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Marissa Conway

Did you know that there are over two billion active users on Facebook each month? When done right, Facebook is the perfect opportunity to drive engagement with your business and lock down brand recognition and loyalty. But there’s certainly a method to the madness, and with changes to Facebook algorithms in recent years, business pages are getting less and less airtime in front of their followers. So what kind of content is needed to keep your Facebook audience hooked on your every last post?

Pay attention to what’s trending.

Depending on your field, trending topics will vary, and can offer an excellent opportunity to engage with something that the majority of your target audience is seeing in real time. For example, if you run a clothing line, drop that video of the cat that crashed a catwalk into your feed to bring a little joy into your followers’ day. Or if you run a business consultancy, then provide some commentary on Elon Musk’s latest announcement, and what that means for people in your field. When you engage with trending topics, you become a source of information, but more importantly, stand out as a thought leader and provide the platform to lead timely discussions, whether they’re lighthearted and fun, or serious and consequential. Your audience knows they can rely on you to get the latest in their industry.

Consistency is key.

Don’t let your branding slip. Each post shouldn't just share information but also work to reinforce your brand identity. From the graphics to the language, there needs to be basic consistency across all posts as this is what will drive brand recognition, even if you aren’t sharing original content. For example, there’s a huge difference between: “You’re warmly invited to join us at our next panel discussion,” versus “Catch you on Thursday night for a chat with our rockstar panel!”

The best language and visuals to communicate with your audience will differ between each company but making sure that your posts consistently reinforce the story of who you are as an organization is a must.

Don’t be camera shy.

Now more than ever, people connect with and trust organizations that are authentic, transparent, and honest. As each new generation become more and more social media savvy, inauthenticity can be spotted a mile away. And because Facebook is the perfect place to connect with customers, it also means that businesses tend to spam their followers in hopes of a sale. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - it’s social media, not sales media. People want to connect, not be sold to. Use this opportunity to hop in front of the camera and tell the story behind each product or person. Let your audience in with some behind-the-scenes photos, share a Boomerang of you and your colleagues at a strategy meeting, or live stream your next event so it’s accessible to people everywhere. Make your followers feel like they are part of your team too.

Each social platform interacts with its audience in different ways. While copying and pasting posts between each account certainly reinforce messaging, it does little to engage your audience. Block off an hour out of your day this week to reflect on how you can implement some of the above tips to draw your Facebook audience in even closer - and if you find yourself drawing a blank, get in touch with Triarc for a little support!

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