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Sprucing Up Your Instagram: In Conversation with Bri Mahon, Triarc's Co-Founder and COO

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Marissa Conway

This month we're sitting down with Bri Mahon, Triarc's Co-Founder and COO for a little insight into what Triarc does and how we can all spruce up our Instagram game.

What does a typical day look like?

A typical day is dynamic, engaging, and rewarding at Triarc. My main job is to ensure all employees are not only hitting their marks and performing, but also stepping into their own creative outlet in their work. While I work closely with Blake (CEO and other Co-founder) to make sure company operations are running smoothly, I also work closely with each department and branch to ensure quality is being met across the board. I also make a point that everyone feels heard, respected, and appreciated. Culture is everything. Triarc is growing fast which means elements are constantly shifting and changing. My job is essentially to make sure we are hearing the client's needs and producing authentic, engaging, and high-quality effort and work across the board. I like to think my job is to make people feel good!

What inspired you to co-found Triarc?

Triarc was born out of a limitless mindset. It started when Blake and I were living abroad and knew we could help companies organically grow online. We wanted to do something that was different, that proved results, and that allowed us to live the life we wanted. I believe in organic growth, concepts, and connection and Triarc was created with that mindset.

What's your favorite part of running the business?

I LOVE our team. I love that we laugh, are real, and work hard. I love that I am 100% myself. I love that everyone puts their heart and soul into their work because it's what they believe in. It's amazing to see detailed effort go so far.

You're an Instagram influencer in addition to your role at Triarc - how do you balance both?

YES! I have always loved doing multiple things, and I love being an influencer. It's been a huge insight as to how to run the perfect influencer program for Triarc, how to connect with companies and businesses, etc. I often wish I had more time (don't we all?) to work full time on everything, but I do my best to put out my best every day. I often work on Triarc during the week and my Instagram content is squeezed in on weekends. There are definitely many times when I've experienced burn out. Balance to me comes in waves and at the end of the day it is all worth it and right now I feel so good. I am happy, fulfilled, and am able to express my creativity through my outlets.

Do you have any tips or tricks for people looking to scale up their Instagram presence?

1. Figure out what you want to share- but don't let not knowing stop you from sharing! Figure out what you love taking photos of, what you love to do- and share that.

2. Engage! If you aren't engaging, you won't see engagement.

3. Stories! Share something different, vulnerable, funky. People crave realness.

Do you have any advice for companies looking to partner with influencers?

Look for someone that is willing to invest back into your business and make a personal connection with them. Everyone loves free stuff, but as an influencer, I partner specifically with companies that reach out, invest in me, and go out of their way to make me feel treated beyond a freebie product!

Follow Bri on Instagram at @bri_mahon and Triarc at @thinktriarc.

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