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How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

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Marissa Conway

LinkedIn is fertile grounds for content marketing and connecting with your target audience. But much like any platform, marketing on LinkedIn takes strategy, time, and engaging content. So how can you maximize these three things to pull in new customers?

Develop a strategy.

Before you start posting, take time to do a deep dive into your company’s goals and objectives. Ensuring your content is rooted in these two ideas will prevent you from shouting into the internet void in vain.

There are some basic tasks to check off the list to begin with, such as filling out your company’s LinkedIn profile in its entirety and keeping the company basics updated regularly. Has your office moved, or has the number of your employees increased? Be sure to stay on top of these simple updates consistently as it establishes your legitimacy.

Ultimately, determining your company goals at the start of developing your LinkedIn strategy will inform the call to action you’re asking of your followers when they engage with your posts. Is it to attend an event, sign up for your newsletter, or build brand loyalty? Make sure that once this is determined (hint: it can also be different for each post) all content is tailored to drive home this message in a way that resonates with your audience.

Speaking of your audience… talk directly to them.

In 2017, a study shows that over half of LinkedIn members consider themselves “news junkies”, meaning they are ready and waiting for the latest content to engage with. Sharing news or an insider’s perspective into your industry with an almost guaranteed base level of engagement. However, it should also be noted that just throwing up any old news article or company insight will not do. Your target audience’s pain points must be put front and center of any content you post. With all you post, ask yourself: How is this serving my target audience? How is this helping build their knowledge base? How is this helping them solve their biggest problems? The more tailored your content is to answer these questions, the more customers will appreciate and engage with your posts and ultimately, your products.

Automate your content and take the pressure off.

Once your goals and audience are determined within the context of creating LinkedIn content, next up is to pick a posting schedule - even if that is once every other week - and stick to it. Consistency in posting, no matter the frequency, builds an image of authority, legitimacy, and reliability for your target audience. Think through the capacity you have to dedicate to LinkedIn content curation and be realistic. Maybe writing a blog post a week isn’t realistic, and instead sourcing articles from the media about your industry partnered with a once monthly blog post is the best way to begin. Then find a scheduling platform, like Buffer or Hootsuite, and batch schedule out your posts to make life a breeze. But don’t schedule and forget - as much as you are expecting your followers to engage with your content, you must be available to engage back. It’s called social media, after all!

If LinkedIn seems like a big scary monster, never fear! Triarc is here to check under your bed and take the fear away. With a team of marketing experts, we know how to leverage LinkedIn content to help you find success and hit those ROI goals. Get in touch!

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