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Four Quick Updates To Make Your Website Shine

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Marissa Conway

Let’s face it - there are a million and a half things to do to keep your company running smoothly, and keeping your website up to date with all the new and exciting things you’re working on is yet one more thing on the to do list. But fear not, there are simple and easy things you can do in just ten minutes to ensure your website is always looking fresh and functioning well for your customers. Usability is one of the most important things to focus on when building and maintaining a website, so here are our top four recommendations we make to clients for quick website updates to make your site work smoothly for your target audience better.

Make your newsletter sign up and social links visible on every single page.

If you have customers on your site who want to connect with you, don’t make it a chore to do so! Place your newsletter signup and social links either 1. in the footer of your site so they automatically show up on every page, or 2. As a pop up first when customers come to your website. If you don’t have an email list, read our post here on why you should start one today.

Update your About page - and make sure to tell your story!

People are eager to connect with people. On your About page, don’t just include information about your product, but also be sure to tell the story of who you are as an organization. Who are the people behind the company? Why did your company start in the first place? Give your website visitors a behind-the-scenes peek at the heart of what keeps your organization going strong.

Double check that all your links are working.

It may sound obvious, but broken links occur more often than you think. As time goes on, new pages are built, content gets moved, and old information deleted, so inevitably, links on your website will need to be fixed and updated. This can be frustrating for customers trying to find information or products, and - to be frank - looks unprofessional. Even if you only have five minutes, pick a page with a handful of links and click through them all to ensure everything is working smoothly.

Simplify your contact form.

You want to make sure you get the relevant information when a potential client reaches out to you, but no one likes to spill their life story when filling out a contact form. However you have your contact process set up, make sure that it is as simple as possible for your audience to reach you with their queries!

Feeling a little stuck with your website? Get in touch with the Triarc team and let us do the hard work for you!

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