Branding Basics 101: Three Things You Shouldn’t Miss

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Marissa Conway

A brand identity is about your logo, font, and website colors, yes - but it’s so much more than that! According to Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, “A brand is literally what people say about your business when you’re not in the room.” It goes beyond your visual aesthetic and bleeds into how people feel about your company. This process is what creates brand loyalty and plays a strong role in keeping customers coming back time and time again. For this reason, branding cannot be overlooked when building a business, and we’ve got a few tips and tricks up our sleeves to help you out.

Take the time to build a brand strategy.

If you are sans brand strategy, this is where to begin. This kind of strategy doesn’t just cover your visual identity, but allows for a deep dive into your long-term company goals and how you can best tell the story of who you are. Your brand influences every aspect of your business and vice versa. But most importantly, it is directly connected to the needs and emotions of your target audience. Begin with asking: What is my audience’s problem, how do we solve it, and what story can our company tell about this process?\

Develop a Style Guide.

Once you have a brand strategy, the visual components follow. This is when the logo, color scheme, graphic design style, and typography fall into place. In order to ensure brand consistency across your team and across all digital platforms, a Style Guide is a must. This holds all the information necessary to design all external facing content. It takes a moment to develop, but once completed, it saves you so much more time in the long run. There’s no need to explain to each person who designs content for you - the roadmap is already there. And that consistent brand look is key to brand recognition, which fuels customer loyalty.

Stay flexible & communicate.

So after all this talk of consistency, the final tip is… stay flexible! Ultimately, your brand is a way to connect with people, and people are constantly evolving. Marketing, in so many ways, is a process of experimenting to see what suits your target audience best. So as critical as it is to have that consistency to set the standard for your brand, it’s also just as important to be easily adaptable in order to stay relevant and distinguish your content from that of your competitors. In short - don’t forget about the creative human touch that brings things to life in an authentic and fresh way. But don’t do this on the fly. Communicate with your team, your clients, and your target audience so that all you’re doing is centered in serving them. If you stay rooted in your strategy, creative with your energy, and communicative with your people, you can’t go wrong.

Need some help in developing a strong brand identity? With our team of graphic designers and strategists, we make building brand loyalty a breeze. Drop a line and get in touch!

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