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Are Facebook Ads Worth It? (Yes!)

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Marissa Conway

Ask anyone in marketing: Facebook ads are king. In terms of paid reach, and with over 2 billion users worldwide, there is no better path to connecting with your key consumers. Here’s why we prioritize Facebook ads as part of the marketing process at Triarc.

You can tailor ads to your exact target audience.

Facebook ads are the most targeted form of social media marketing that currently exists. When building an ad or boosting a post, the options to hone in on the specific demographic you’re interested in reaching are bar none. If you know precisely who your consumer is, you are guaranteed to connect with them.

Ads can be tailored to all budgets.

Over the years Facebook has purposely reduced the visibility of business pages specifically to encourage more paid ads. Frustrating? Yes. But whether you have hundreds to spend or just $5, Facebook ads are effective at every level of budgeting. More traditional media marketing can’t match that level of financial flexibility, making Facebook ads the go-to paid reach platform for businesses of every size.

Facebook ads connect you with new leads.

Due to Facebook’s exceptional targeting capabilities, ads land you in front of new ideal customers that you might not have otherwise been exposed to. Not only this, but for everyone who likes a post or ad, Facebook provides an option to invite them to like your page, meaning that even if they don’t proceed with your desired call to action on the ad, there are other ways to warm up a cold audience that has engaged with your ad.

Ads also function as a type of real-time market research.

Because Facebook ads are affordable, there is more room to A/B test creative and audiences to work out what CTA’s are the most effective. Not long ago, market research to better understand your audience’s psychology and behavior required polling, big agencies, and obscene money. Today? You can run a few ads with various images, copy, or call to actions and - with the help of Facebook algorithms, which constantly work to make sure the best version of your ad is publicized - to learn even more about your audience as you drive value to them.

If you think Facebook ads are a must for your marketing portfolio but want to leave it to the experts, get in touch with Triarc to learn more about our ad support.

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